Top Ten Reasons for choosing

Various Language Skills

TCEIS students acquire precise English Language skills. Most international schools also include a third language, such as Chinese, as a compulsory course to allow students to speak more than two languages.   This is the very first advantage of various language skills at TCEIS.



Confidence and Creativity

TCEIS students are confident in thinking and speaking, from a learning atmosphere with motivation to express opinions, and subjects such as Drama to help students to express creatively. There are also a variety of art and math activities and competitions, where the students participate to build confidence and creativity.


Focus on Research

TCEIS students do research from various sources with critical thinking to complete projects. Field trips are included as a very important part of school for students to gain experience and knowledge in various matters.

Analyzing and Synthesizing

TCEIS homework or assignments are open-ended questions for students to research and discuss. There are rarely any exams or projects with multiple choices or close-ended questions. TCEIS students think with analyzing and synthesizing skills, in continual practice of the mind.


TCEIS is filled with ECA activities for students to know what they like, and what they want to be in the future. These inspirational activities include music, sports, academics, to allow them to know their own guide to what they like.


Class Size

TCEIS class size limit of 15 students per class enables teaching to be more complete, where student development can be observed individually, resulting in high teaching and learning efficiency.


Well-Balanced Life

TCEIS students lead a well-balanced life in various areas, such as science, technology, engineering, art, math, as well as music and sports, and enjoying a good lifestyle for the good of the world.

Harmonious Global Society

TCEIS sees multi-nationalities in school, with classmates from different countries, to enable learning and adaptation to other cultures, and living in a harmonious global society, as well as naturally speaking more English.

Well-equipped Facilities

TCEIS uses the relatively high tuition fees to equip the school with highly functional top-of-the-art facilities to support a wide variety of activities and studies.

High Potential for Foreign University

TCEIS students are able to take any exams with good scores as all exams are set in English. TCEIS also prepares students for trusted international education systems, such as IGCSE and IB, in preparation for entrance into global universities.


The Grand Opening

On the 9th of March, 2020, there was an opening ceremony for T.C.E. International School.

By being honored by Mr. Chawalid Sang U-thai Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province, presided over the opening ceremony

The first International School of Kamphaeng phet

We welcome applications for enrolment at anytime during the school year, from children a broad range of culture and educational backgrounds. We have an inclusive admissions policy, so we are  happy to consider those with particular learning needs. Our admission process is designed to give us the opportunity to ensure that each student, is able to access the whole curriculum, and that we can meet their individual needs.

If you would like further details about TCE International school, please do not hesitate to contact Miss. Sakolwan Pookajorn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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